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Claudia & the Braidy Bunch @ various (10 gigs/1 day)


December 13, 2015

A completely crazy idea to raise money for Macmillian Cancer Care. The whole day is explained exceptionally well in Phill's blog post:



Claudia & the Braidy Bunch @ Mill Road Winter Fair


December 05, 2015

Brrrrrr - I wait until December to busk?????!!!!! Due to the discovery of those lovely hand and foot holders that campers hold so dear I was able to survive the day without too much complaining!

Claudia & the Braidy Bunch @ Oxjam @ the Great Northern


November 07, 2015

This is the first time I've been involved with Oxjam (not for lack of trying!) and it was a really nice evening (ok, there was a vast amount of stress earlier in the day during to people letting the organiser down but it all ended well!)

Claudia & the Braidy Bunch @ Relevant Records


November 05, 2015

It's always hard to know where everyone will end up on fireworks night! Our audience on this evening was small but perfectly formed. We decided to play through without a break so we could hang onto everyone (everyone always looks for an easy spot to slip out when its a school night!)!

Claudia & the Braidy Bunch @ The Boathouse Wednesday Session


October 28, 2015

We played a quick little cheeky set here - always a fun night at a pub packed with lovely people :-)

Claudia & the Braidy Bunch @ The Six Bells

Covent Garden, Cambridge

September 25, 2015

The Braidy Bunch first stumbled across this pub during the summer busking festival and were really happy to be invited back to play a full gig! Lots of fun was had...not so much by my guitars who were fell apon but a man who had rather too much to drink!

Claudia & the Braidy Bunch @ Jean Grove Benefit

The Devonshire Arms, Cambridge

September 23, 2015

What a great honour to have been invited to play at thie event alongside Cambridge greats such as George Breakfast, Kim and Lee, George Breakfast and Stella Hensley! I sadly lost Paul to an over-running studio session but managed to bully Tony Hill into playing at the last minute. I also adopted the fastastic Pete Newman who did a stunning job on sax.

Claudia & the Braidy Bunch at Songwriters and Poets

The Carpenters Arms, Cambridge

September 13, 2015

We were on such a high after this gig! We headed up an amazing line up and were so happy to be invited to the party! We unleashed Envy of Kings - full band version which went down well! It's not really the place to play covered but we sprinkled in a few carefully picked tunes including Love Cats by the Cure which has become a band favourite!

Claudia & Marcel @ Compassfest

CompassFest @ Standsfield Compasses, Suffolk

August 28, 2015

Tony has just taken over this lovely pub and put on this lovely festival! We had a last minute run to the inside so a cozy room full of lovely people. We played a range of songs that we'd practiced and everybody wanted more so we pulled a few out of the air that we thought of on the spot! We hope we'll be invited back :-)

Claudia solo @ Songwriters and Poets

The Ship Inn, Brandon Creek

August 04, 2015

The Ship Inn is a lovely friendly pub near Downham Market which serves lovely food (gluten free!) and hosts great music nights! Stella and Chris are the hosts for this night which welcomes musicians and poets..both new and experienced to perform to an apprieciative audience. I played new songs; Me, Are We There Yet, The Envy of Kings and my reworking of Queen's Sleeping on the Sidewalk.

Claudia & the Braidy Bunch @ Alliance Française marquee

The Big Weekend, Parkers Piece, Cambridge

July 11, 2015

This gig is going to take some beating! A chance meeting with the lovely Pat and colleagues from the Cambridge branch of Alliance Francaise and in a wonderful afternoon of music and friendly faces. We were blessed by the rain (lots of people heading for shelter during our set..and they stayed after it stopped!).

Claudia & the Braidy Bunch @ Granta Park


July 07, 2015

Edd works around these parks so he got to slack off for the afternoon! We were invited to play at Granta Park as part of their series of lunchtime gigs that they put on for their staff! We had great fun (well, except the band who had to watch the barbecue food being eaten while they played!).

Paul Richards' MEGAFAST quiz feat Claudia & the Braidy Bunch

The Cornerhouse, Cambridge

June 29, 2015

Paul came up with the nutty idea of having a quiz where they questions are read out so quickly theres no time to think about the answer! He also invited Claudia & the Braidy Bunch to come along and play various songs and styles of music they are unfamiliar with. The special guest of the evening was the lovely Jo Ash - and the only person I took a picture of this evening so here she is!

Claudia & the Braidy Bunch @ Needingworth Festival

St Ives, Cambridgeshire

June 27, 2015

I love the Needingworth festival! I manage to weasel my way in there most years and this year I managed to play with 4 different bands! This was the last set of the whole festival which we were pleased with. We debuted our new cover version of Love Cats which I was just about to chuck out of the set but it went really well!

Claudia & the Braidy Bunch @ Cambridge Buskers Festival

6 Bells Pub, Cambridge

June 13, 2015

After the rather soggy Saturday it was nice to play indoors! Various bits of equipment were forgotten again so we were a little more acoustic than planned - luckily the acoustic of the pub worked in our favour! We played a fun set so a small but apprieciative audience and were invited to play there again in September (26th!).

Claudia & the Braidy Bunch @ Cambridge Buskers Festival

Outside Gt St Mary's Church, Cambridge

June 12, 2015

The weather wasn't on our side today but its very unprofessional to simply not turn up to a gig! We turned up and played until we deemed it no longer safe! Still we managed to smile a little!

I, Claudia (i.e. solo gig!) @ The Monkfield Arms

Cambourne, Cambs

May 28, 2015

I figured it was time I was brave and did a solo gig again! On the whole it went ok (so I didn't go home and sob in a corner for 3 days!). It gave me the opportunity to try out a few new songs and reworked versions of old ones. It also reminded me that I have to either work on my technique to use a pick as I had bleeding fingers at the end of the set (ouch!)

Claudia & Marcel @ the Flying Pig


May 29, 2015

I had a busy and or/poorly band for this evening so Marcel and I went out as a duo! We were the support for the awesome John Harper (of 4th Labyrinth fame!). Always a pleasure to play at the Pig :-)

Claudia & the Braidy Bunch @ Relevant Records (Record Store Day)


April 17, 2015

One of my favourite places to play - they're always so lovely to us here!

Claudia & the Braidy Bunch @ Songwriters and poets evening

The Carpenters Arms, Cambridge

April 12, 2015

I decided to mix the set around a bit for a little variety....Arggggggg never again! When we got settled after a few songs all was well again (the guys were great - I'm was shaky!).

Claudia & the Braidy Bunch @ Songwriters and Poets evening

The Ship Inn, Nr Downham Market

March 04, 2015

Always a lovely night at the Ship run by Stella and Chris. The audience seem to really like the night and treat all the performers with such respect.

Claudia & the Braidy Bunch live session

CB2, Cambridge

February 17, 2015

A few people enquired as to why they weren't invited to this oneI hired the room out for the night so we could play around with some live recordings! We did have a try and few times on some of the tracks which would have been a little awkward with an audience! We got quite a bit of material which you can see on the music page of this site!

Claudia & the Braidy Bunch @ Relevant Records


January 24, 2015

First gig of the year and it went really well! I was supported by the fabulous Tomorrow's Girl who is going on her own creative journey (and being super supportive of mine!).


Claudia & the Braidy Bunch live on HCR Radio


January 16, 2015

My first radio show promoting my own music! How exciting! We all had a good laugh and everyone got to promote their own projects too (there's quite a few between us!). Love these guys at Huntingdon Community Radio - they're very supportive o the live music scene!

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